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give provoke additional punishment

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 bleak gunmen. The so-called leaky house, even the rain is served Arsenal goalkeeper Szczesny was sent off, but he was a "suspected" obscene gesture to leave after he might give provoke additional punishment UEFA .Szczesny eat red card as occurred in the first half, 37 minutes, then Tony - Cross cross restricted speed Robben offside forward runs, Szczesny jumped out the door, and in the area within tripped Dutch "Peter Pan." When the referee,nike air max 1 españa  Italian Rizzoli decisive penalty and produced a red card to Szczesny directly. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger with a second goalkeeper Fabianski helpless, replacing Cazorla, 10 people fighting gunmen final 0-2 defeat at home to Bayern Munich.According to the British "Daily Mail" reported the latest, after the red card, in the locker room leading from the sidelines to the players channel, Szczesny seems to have made indecent act erect middle finger, Reporter David - Kent made it clear that "this act Polish goalkeeper, he is likely to incur additional from the UEFA severe punishment."Of course, regardless of whether UEFA for "indecent gestures" additional punishment Szczesny, the Polish goalkeeper will be absent due to red card suspension and Arsenal away to Bayern Munich in the second leg match, so Fabianski will get first-mover opportunities. Arsenal lost 1-3 at home last season, Bayern, second leg match played Fabianski brave, help the Gunners 2-0 captured the Allianz Arena, No. 2, if the season Arsenal goalkeeper can still help the team achieve such The results, so Wenger's team will still have a chance to qualify the 1/4 finals. Visit again in Munich, Bayern Munich 2-0 to win the final temperature Although Arsenal dominated the opening 10 minutes before, but the home team Arsenal. The first six minutes Sanogo suddenly kicker in the penalty area, at the moment Neuer is moving outward angle closure - Whenever played ball, played soccer game with 



friends should be clear: when goalkeeper mobile kicker hit rate is the highest can Neuer but quickly fell to the ground like a god saved this record shot with his left hand. Emirates Stadium was brought applause from the audience, but also for the young Gunners Neuer.What happened next is even more amazing, the first eight minutes Boateng (J-K-Boateng Boateng) down Ozil, the referee whistled for a penalty Rizzoli, 272 kick slightly hesitant, has been bashing Neuer open to the left hand side of the right arm in the Cepu Ozil hit the middle of the penalty saved. The flutter priceless, forthrightly said: If you do not put out 0-2 Neuer this is likely to Bayern! British media, "Daily Mail" quipped: "Ozil and Manuel Neuer from Schalke 04 with youth, this guy is all too familiar routine of Ozil."Next Sanogo is single-handedly sent Chamberlain sprinted pass, Dante was seeing Chamberlain overtaking, which is Neuer promptly rushed back to the edge of the penalty area Feet siege, so also did a siege Neuer . After the game, "Munich Daily" as Neuer played a minute (German media habits score the better the performance score lower), and tied for the best Cross, which are not sufficient to summarize his greatness. Nearly three years ago, the Anglo-German Neuer media are referred to as "the wall of God", which are again back wall of God on earth.Bayern legendary record-breaking 17 years, the British fear a personThe c  nike air max tn españaampaign Bayern 2-0 off wins, seven straight away Champions League opponents, including Juventus, Barcelona, Manchester City and other top teams, which also set a Ajax kept away in the 1995-1997 Champions League winning streak. In addition, Cross bombers into the world of wave Bayern this season, 36 games into the first 100 goals, although not as good as Manchester City came early, but not less efficient each other: 36 Battle 101 goals, averaging nearly 2.81 ball, terrific right The most interesting is that Mueller became a nightmare for England, following the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Muller scored twice to help the German team 4-1 in England after his 



England team to face five times recently turned into 4 balls: 2011-12 Champions League final match in Chelsea 2012-13 Champions League group stage two wars Manchester City, Arsenal and fighting off this morning, only 2013 European Super Cup Muller no accomplishment. No wonder the "Daily Mail" emotion: "how is this guy XXX!"Classic showdown classic scene ever: Wenger Robben was molested, Wally Disney line and pipeIn addition to two penalties are not into the penalty, the game there are many dramatic scenes: Robben fall in the penalty area deep sorrow, the dead, Rizzoli blew a penalty, while teammate gap penalty kick Robben protagonist actually went to the sidelines to appease angry Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, "Daily Mail" ridicule: "! Robben Xipixiaolian Wenger patted the shoulder, for he was relieved Arsenal manager Arsene na" the most ridiculous , the "Daily Mail" directly onto the big headlines after Szcz?sny sent off, wretched provocative gesture, he would return to this line and N-match ban it  Arsenal VS Bayern battle, Italian gold whistle blowing Rizzoli each visiting team a penalty to the host, which is almost twice fined around the entire war. Robben in particular that not only earned a 12 yards Yishuai opportunity to more directly as Bayern won a number of advantages, the media tucao: "! A classic game so destroyed."First two penalties to restore the scene: the first eight minutes, Ozil rid Boateng (J-K-Boateng Boateng) in the penalty area, which will stretch 272 down, Boateng dyed yellow , Rizzoli fingers penalty points. This penalty is no dispute, but unfortunately the number one penalty taker Arteta Arsenal red  nike air presto camo baratascard suspension, the 2nd hand Giroux penalty on the bench and won a penalty Ozil reluctantly stood penalty points, but he The intent is to see through Neuer, hit the ball to the middle of the center of gravity has been left out of Neuer single palm rest.From this penalty does not affect Arsenal into the data, the first 10 minutes, Bayern dominated the ball slightly: 53% -47%, and after 80 minutes the two sides together into a ball more than 73% -27

round Calderon stadium in Milan

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of the war in Europe, which is a big problem.So give Milan the Italian media suggested: the premise behind 0-1 in the next round Calderon stadium in Milan to visit prospects good, there are opportunities for Hong Heijun want to comeback, but Milan should do, is to increase rotation strength, physical reserves, then do not be like the war kicked the second half of the game on the same physical moral one, lost a good Board. Milan and Atletico Madrid before the battle, even if the Italian fans, there was only less than 30% of people talk about Milan may qualify. After losing nike air presto 4 comprars  the first battle, the public believes Atletico qualify for the probability of 99%, only 1% of Hong Heijun reversal opportunity comes from the "Champions DNA". This is reflected in the Champions League exactly where DNA  Kaka gives the interpretation of the war.Serie A La Liga points tied for ninth beat the first race, this is the weak against the strong. Before the European mainstream media that Milanbima competing "behind the times", will be as heavy Milan Kaka, Essien, Mexes, Abbiati, who are five years ago or even earlier period in Europe hot football star, now have their own because of injuries and age factors irreducible courage. In contrast, Atletico kk, Diego - Costa, Courtois et al, one of today's football is worth highest batch getters. Stars over an era, against the current hottest player in Europe, which is good Bi Milan took the world's leading steel Crossbow year, already confront technological advances artillery guns  only expect a miracle to win, expect a hero.Milan almost done. Half Hong Heijun got three excellent scoring opportunities, which is within five minutes of continuous hit the door twice: once the first 14 minutes, Kaka with superior ability left 16 meters away from the door in a closed area foot curve ball from the center, hit the crossbar; followed, Polly small closed line header hit the left post. The first 30 minutes, Kaka missed scoring opportunities for the third time, Balotelli was cleverly done right ball, shot 10 meters away from the door Kaka is Courtois 



asked after a close above the lintel. After these three missed scoring opportunities, Kaka bury looked up to the heavens, seem to be asking: Why did God have to bully Zhezhi distressed AC Milan  In contrast, Atletico Madrid side, Simonyi roared aloud on the sidelines, Diego - Costa also looks very grim, at this moment, even in the Champions League and La Liga Atletico Cuikulaxiu also beaten AC Milan continuous assault of some confused, scared terrified.To know Kaka played with the injury after all, to know whether this Milan physical endurance or gas state are far less than Atletico heart can kick this level, must rely on the Champions League DNA. Back to beginning of the text that metaphor: Kaka led the modest financial resources, aging lineup, no longer the strength of Europe's top AC Milan, in the face of today's hottest mainstream football star composed Atletico, arguably more than a horse machete confront guns cannon. Kaka took command of the cavalry before consciousness moths rush enemy positions, once the military has carried immediate concern, seeing the opponent will be a stone's throw shooting coach, yet this time the wind out of the way  nike air max thea baratas while the demon that key stone  This is how sorry and tragic  Perhaps the last Milan became the losers, but even as the final winner of Atletico Madrid, Kaka can only have respect for this. What is so manufactured Guards help Kaka almost a miracle  Is a fighting spirit, the spirit, who is a year now reconciled does not recognize the world's top life courage. Is not that the main elements of DNA Milan Ou crown!Anyway, Milan lost the battle though, but Kaka could head high out of the stadium, because his interpretation of the Milan Ou crown DNA does exist, indeed worthy of respect. Also, visit the Vicente Calderon Stadium Hong Heijun next round, winning remains elusive, near-zero probability of reversal, if Hong Heijun there is hope, then only look forward Kaka, Kaka once again showed off the Champions League only expect DNA . Beijing on February 20 morning, the Champions League has been a focus of the war 1/8 final 



first leg of the final at the Emirates Stadium in north London, the defending champions Bayern Munich 2-0 win over Arsenal (microblogging official website of the official data ), the Bundesliga giants promotion prospects for the future. However, after the match Bayern Munich striker Arjen Robben could be in trouble, because there are Arsenal fans on social networks exposed his "suspected" Arsenal right-back Bacary Sagna spat towards the screen.According to fans of a certain gun burst on Twitter picture point of view, the first half fell to the Sarnia site, Robben went up to the French patted down the right gate, but the camera lens to capture the screen display , an unidentified object falling from Robben's head, and fell impartial Sagna's head. Angry Arsenal fans pointed out the opportunity to borrow Sarnia Robben then fell to the ground, spit toward each other. If so, then the "Peter Pan" this behavior, he will no doubt provoke additional punishment UEFA.However, the British media has not, as is so impulsive and angry Gunners fans. "Daily Mail" commentator Neil - Rowlands has proposed his own question, "What saliva that (Robben head falling objects) is condemned by numerous gun enthusiasts, or just drop the Dutch winger Sweat  Robben really Sagna spat towards it  It is still debatable. "After the game,    nike air max 95 comprar  Daily Mirror" specially organized a public opinion survey, as of press time, nearly 60 percent (59 percent) of those surveyed think the fans, which is an unknown object Robben sweat; think that is saliva fans, only 40% (41%) or so. Whether Robben really spit toward Sarnia  This may be a matter of opinion topic. Beijing on February 20 morning, the Champions League has been a focus of the war 1/8 final first leg of the final at the Emirates Stadium in north London, Arsenal home game (the official website of the official microblogging data) 0-2 defeat Defending champions Bayern Munich, promotion prospects


moved to Stamford Bridge

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generations of AC Milan, but like so Rivaldo son played together in the same game but rare. In 1996, while Gudjohnsen and his son had played in the Icelandic national team game, but it is his father's son Edu replaced Arnold, this number is regrettable. When in 2013, the well-known Swedish star Henrik - Larson and 16-year-old son to join in the Swedish league debut, and write some stories for the football team Bayern Munich striker Man Zhu Qi, the broker has been instructed to make contact with the Premiership giants Chelsea , the Croatian international center is expected in the new season, he moved to Stamford Bridge.It is reported that the media disclosed in detail for their future development, Zhu Qi Man sought advice brokerage firm, and its brokerage team is seeking to transfer his opinion in the summer. Man Zhu Qi after a consideration, first with Bayern top brokers arrange a meeting to discuss its future on, and  nike air max 2013 españa subsequently decided to initiate contacts with the Premiership giants Chelsea.The 27 year old Man Zhu Qi scored in 19 games this season, the Bundesliga 12 goals 3 assists, 4 Champions League games scoring 2 goals 2 assists, German Cup three games scoring 3 goals 1 assists, remain on all fronts a steady scoring rate, the height of 1.87 meters in the center of the season will be the German front Pa Gomez squeeze, now in the center of the squad to play the chief role. But Bayern Munich in January announced the signing of Dortmund Lewandowski, Polish center will be officially added to the summerAU, Levan's reputation and strength are far better than a chip Man Zhu Qi, Zhu said that although Mann is not afraid of competition, but as there was someone who had experienced host, he knows very well what awaits him would be.Man Zhu Qi brokers just recently met with Bayern manager Matthias Sammer, the latter with a very positive tone, said: "I am very confident Man Chu will remain in Bayern effectiveness." Club chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said: "He and before our contract expires in 2016, and I've told him the club wanted to extend his contract, if he so desire. "German 



"transfer market", pointed out that Man Zhu Qi is not currently worth over 25 million euros, taking into account only two years of the contract, if he sought to move this summer, then Chelsea bid of around 25 million, it is expected to sign it bit in the excellent play of the year when the center. In their own home, Milan could not even get a draw at Atletico body. Hong Heijun DNA Champions League lost what  Don Retiro names are written in Italy CNN - Palmieri postgame thought-provoking questions: "Why on AC Milan in the second half of the performance is so great why the contrast when Milan beat Atletico has a sudden gasp defeat  " These two issues, Debunking the Serie A World War imbecile a large tumor.Italian media summed up the reasons for the war in Milan defeated aspects: Milan, low morale is the most important reason, after all, expensive for the Primera Liga Atletico tied for first in the state of self-confidence and far better than ninth in Milan Serie A, so even on Atletico Half full fall in the passive, bed sheets Legion did not lose ambition and self-confidence. Also really bad luck in Milan, Kaka Polly successive frames shot, let Atletico escaped  but perhaps the most important reason Milan lost a good Board was: less than Hong Heijun second half stamina. Analogy: nike air max 2014 comprar Two boxers in the ring Sike, Milan has been a series of heavy blows to the opponent hit the corner holed up, exhausted, bruised to the point, as long as Milan could add some strength to defeat the opponent, but it happens this time, Milan boring and then continue to attack it!According to OPTA statistics, the first half from the center of Milan is 9 to 5 times the upper hand, but the second half, Atletico Madrid has hit a number of shots back 9 to 4, and hit the audience, but the number of shots Milan down to leeward. Why Milan in the second half unsustainable  OPTA data reveal the answer: Atletico Madrid have much better fitness and more crazy run. To more than attacking midfielder, Atletico younger audience udarnik kk running over 12,000 meters, while AC Milan's Kaka running udarnik less than 9500 m; 



come over midfielder, Atletico Suarez ran move over 11,000 m, and the magnitude of less than ten thousand meters  Essien running no exaggeration to say that Atletico is relying more vigorous running, even better endurance, caused the collapse of AC Milan.Have to say, this set of data to debunk the biggest problem and the current Serie A AC Milan team: to the Champions League, Serie A team can not kick high-quality, high-paced exciting football, but up to now the only Serie A teams This level of play in the game's short, if the break is not available at this stage, it will have no chance of winning the Serie A team. To AC Milan, for example, even the tactical organization properly, even the maximum use of the Champions League experience, took the biggest strength even in the home fans cheering, they can only be kicked up to 45 minutes of high-tempo football, Then it may be cramps, injuries, legs felt weak. On the contrary, in the second half, Atletico but will not exhibit such a big contrast. The reason: Serie years in decline, the league's overall pace of the game is too slow, the overall strength of the league's serious shortage, so even on a good team Serie A, Bundesliga and do not have, such as La Liga and the Premiership giants fight to the death 90 minutes of high intensity events ability, stamina and physical fitness.Serie A fans often see clearly, Serie rhythm Pianman not say, for tactical foul penalty is relatively easy, so the game is always off, you come to me to fight a high-speed Gongsha few continuous dead ball let nike air max 2012 españa  each team there is a lot of game time, "walked kick." A Serie down, both sides a lot less than the sum of the effective time on the ball 50-minute sessions, while an average of 60 minutes or more in La Liga, Bundesliga once up to 70 minutes. Why Juventus in Serie A hot topic on the Champions League but have not played the level  Why Milan in Serie A field can become lore finished before the king, but in the Champions League was too frail for 75 minutes on the team  Serie strength is too low, resulting in the entire league can not adapt to the fast pace 

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